China Supports Syrian Path Towards Peace - Like This Article

April 24th, 2017 - Fort Russ News -
- - - translated by Samer Hussein -      

Ambassador Xie Xiaoyan, China 's special envoy on the Syrian issue, said that the solution to the settlement of the Syrian crisis lies within the path that can only be reached through dialogue.

In a statement, expressed during his visit to Cairo yesterday, Xiao Yan said “The conflicting sides in Syria should commit themselves to find a political solution through negotiations and not by the use of force force as they must demonstrate the political will to engage in dialogue and make sacrifices when required”, adding “there are some positive developments regarding Syria, namely the ceasefire agreement.”

“There is another positive development too, in particularly the stronger recognition of the importance of the international fight against terrorism which requires an even greater commitment to this task”, he further added. 

He also said that a fair and balanced investigation should be launched into the incident, related to the Khan Sheikhoun chemical attack, while repeating that his country strongly rejects any use of chemical weapons by any country, organization or individual under any circumstances and at any place and any time. 

It shall be noted that on the 13th of April, the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, said China 's proposal to adopt a political solution is the only way to resolve crisis in Syria. The Chinese Foreign Ministry also released a statement, calling to preserve Syria 's sovereignty and territorial integrity, while also firmly rejecting and foreign military intervention against Syria.

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from Fort Russ
China Supports Syrian Path Towards Peace - Like This Article

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