Syria: Army Scores New Victories as More Terrorists Kill Each Other - Like This Article

April 30th, 2017 - Fort Russ News -
- Agencies - - by Samer Hussein -

Internal fights between the terrorist groups continue for the third day. 

Earlier on Sunday, Al Nusra Front terrorists and their allies from the Qatari-funded Al Rahman Brigade carried out intense bombardments of areas, recently taken over by the rival terrorist group Jaysh Al Islam in eastern Ghouta, using mortars and gas canisters. They also shelled residential areas, namely Irbin, now under control of Jaysh Al Islam.
According to the field reports, the death toll on both sides is exceptionally high, however no estimate is given at the moment. The terrorists are said to have massively looted the residential areas.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Army made new gains. Security and stability were restored to at least 3 villages, in addition to several strategic points, hills, oil and gas fields, all of them located in the eastern countryside of Homs province. The operations are said to have resulted resulted in elimination of a large number of ISIS terrorists and destruction of several machine-gun-equipped SUVs.

In the province of Deir Ez Zour, army units clashed with ISIS and the affiliated terrorist groups , killing 12 terrorists and destroying a machine-gun-equipped vehicle. Further operations against ISIS gatherings and movements were carried out in the surrounding area of Al Banourama, located in the south-western outskirts of Deir Ez Zour city. 7 terrorists were killed and a vehicle, equipped with machine-gun, was destroyed. In Al Sinaa neighbourhood, army units detonated a 50 meter-long tunnel. All terrorists who remained inside were killed. Intense airstrikes were also carried out against ISIS posiitons in Talati ,Alloush, Al Tharda Mountain, the Electricity Company and Al Mohandeseen, located at the southern axis of Deir Ez Zour city.

Reports also came that at least 8 civilians (including 5 people from a single family) were killed during US-led coalition airstrikes on Al Mansoura, located in the western countryside of AL Raqqah province, earlier on Sunday. 

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Syria: Army Scores New Victories as More Terrorists Kill Each Other - Like This Article

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