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May 5th, 2017 - Fort Russ News - 

When a woman takes her husband's name - it does not cause any questions to be asked, but when Ukrainian deputies and politicians are actively changing their names, it is not just disturbing, it's worrying - writes Rusvesna.

Kiev journalist Aleksandr Medinsky was interested in finding out whether residents of Kiev have any idea about who is Mr. Waltzman? 

The majority of people in this clip had not heard of a Waltzman. It would seem that if Kievans had never heard of a Waltzman - then they certainly didn't vote for a Waltzman.

Others recognised that it is President Poroshenko (a surname taken from his grandmother) but when asked why, for what purpose, he would conceal his name - they would not elaborate on camera.

Others suggested that because the name ends in 'man' - then it must be 'some kind of Jew' - showing no knowledge of affiliation to Poroshenko. 
"Waltzman - is incognito, but he's the guarantor of our constitution" - concludes Medinsky sarcastically.

Poroshenko himself denies any family ties to the Jewish people. Forbes magazine once referred to Poroshenko as the “Willie Wonka of the Ukraine”, listing him as one of the world’s richest Jews. Irina Fireez, a spokeswoman from Poroshenko’s office, contacted the magazine, requesting that he be removed from the list.

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Who is Mr Waltzman? - Street Poll - Like This Article

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