Without Ukrainians, Polish economy would crumble - Like This Article

July 27, 2017 - Fort Russ News - 

The present well-being of Poland is due to the pan-European economic recovery and guest workers from Ukraine. This was stated by Polish experts, citing data from the Central Bank of Poland and the European Statistical Office Eurostat. 

In Poland, the cheapness of labour is a problem - low pay has led to more than 2 million Poles leaving the country since joining the EU in 2004, primarily to the UK and Germany, where working conditions are better. Enterprises and communal services in Poland began to experience an acute shortage of labor. The crisis in Ukraine helped to significantly alleviate the problem, which led to mass emigration of Ukrainians, of whom about 1 million moved to Poland.

"Without Ukrainians, our economy was in for a disaster"- recognized Caesar Kazmirchak, chairman of the Polish Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers. 

Today, according to the Polish department for foreigners, almost 90% of requests for a residence permit come from citizens of Ukraine. Most of them are work as house aides, on construction sites and agricultural farms.

"They learn the language on their own and then conscientiously work" - Kazmirchak commented positively on the work ethic of the labor migrants from Ukraine.

Ukraine itself is going through a brain drain and outflow of the labour force, while oligarchs buy up state enterprises. How many people are required to work there? The Poroshenko regime has been accused of wanting to 'drain the Ukraine to a population of 10 million' (from the current 45 million.) Looks like they're well on target. 

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Without Ukrainians, Polish economy would crumble - Like This Article

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