Brainwashing Nazi Location, Being The Largest Hotel In Germany

Berlin - Prora, a seaside resort complex, located in Rugen, Germany, was originally a resort for the Nazi war indoctrination and preparation.

Hitler's big dreams of building the resort. But the outbreak of World War II led to a complex construction stopped.

Brainwashing Nazi Location, Being The Largest Hotel In Germany

Sunday (April 9, 2016), currently under construction was the biggest Nazi legacy a person is converted into luxury accommodation.

Prora complex consists of eight buildings along the stretch of 4.8 km Rugen. A total of 10,000 rooms in the hotel's private beach, two beds, a dresser, and a sink, and a bathroom on each floor.

The building was originally intended as a resort for the German working class, regardless of class or income. This is the Third Reich, who designed so that the working class can be a vacation-style middle class plan.

Not only for vacation, Prora is also used as an alias to instill brainwashing camps established loyal Nazi.

After the war, the complex was used as a military base of the Soviet army, and later as a German secret barracks.

"It is on behalf of two Nazi and communist era, where you can get these two systems is how the idea of ​​the work site," in Prora museum, a director Sussana Misgajski said.

Eight buildings Prora complex has undergone dramatic changes over the last few years. Wherein the building into a great hostel and Liechtenstein company bought two people. Meanwhile, the fourth building blown up by the Soviet army.

The remaining four buildings are being renovated to spend about 130 million Australian dollars (RP 1.3 trillion), turn it into luxury accommodation.

By targeting those seeking summer holiday card Prora complex opened. At about 95% have been sold. German buyers get a tax cut.

"This is a new complex in Germany, where visitors get a beautiful beach directly into the" real estate sales representatives Irisgerd, Werner Jung said.

But not everyone is happy with the changes made to the historic complex of.

"This is the preparation of 20,000 people, for the place," in Prora, card Squeak its museum chief Lishixuejia said.

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