Candidate Miss America 2017

Candidate Miss America 2017 - Miss America 2017 will be broadcast live by ABC in the United States, which took place on 11 September in atlantic city boardwalk hall.

The following are the candidates miss america 2017.

1. Savvy Shields - Miss Arkansas 2016
Platform: Eat Better, Live Better
Talent: Jazz Dance

2. Katelyn Niemiec - Miss Arizona 2016
Platform: Bullying S.T.O.P.S.
Talent: Baton Twirling

3. Kendall Bautista - Miss Alaska 2016
Platform: The Power of One – Making a Difference
Talent: Piano

4. Hayley Barber - Miss Alabama 2016
Platform: Sight for Small Eyes – Advocacy for Comprehensive Eye Examinations at a Young Age, and Fundraising for Children with Low Vision
Talent: Tap Dance

5.  Jessa Carmack -Miss California 2016
Platform: “Building a Healthy Future” by instilling a healthy lifestyle for our youth
Talent: Dance

Jessa Carmack - candidate miss america 2017

6. Courtney Sexton- Miss Florida 2016
Talent: Dance
Platform: Get up! Get moving! Volunteer

Courtney Sexton- Candidate Miss america 2017

7. Allison Carol Nanea Chu - Miss Hawaii 2016
Talent: Vocal
Platform: Safe in the Sun

Allison Carol Nanea Chu - candidate miss america 2017

8. Kylee Solberg - Miss Idaho 2016
Talent: Classical Ballet en Pointe
Platform: Our Words Have Power
Kylee Solberg - contestant miss america 2017

9. Jaryn Franklin - Miss Illinois 2016
Talent: Vocal
Platform: Advocating for Individuals with Disabilities

Jaryn Franklin

10. Lauren Scofield - Miss Montana 2016
Talent: Piano
Platform: Planting the Seeds of STEM

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