French President Emmanuel Macron, in 'macho spirit', was lowered into the submarine from a helicopter by a cable and winch.

Macron's entry was reminiscent of the style of his colleagues from other countries, usually associated with the Russian president. As recalled by British tabloid The Sun, Vladimir Putin is known for pictures in which he plays sports and martial arts, or galloping on horseback. Now, however, the Russian leader, apparently, has a competitor in the image of the new French president.

On board the submarine, Macron spent four hours and even took part in a rocket launch simulation. The French president looked through the periscope and spoke with the crew via the intercom. The head of state met with the technicians responsible for the safety and maintenance of French nuclear warheads.

After Great Britain left  the EU, France is the only EU country with nuclear capabilities. The Sun also drew attention to the fact that Macron visited the nuclear submarine just a few hours after North Korea announced the trial launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.

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