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Car Donation - We are proud to work with some of the world's most respected charities and non-profit organizations. We work hard to ensure maximum funds from your vehicle donation, make your contribution so that affect your charity maximum. Remember, as an added benefit to you, you may qualify for the charitable contribution tax!

Kind of car donations accepted:
We accept most cars, trucks, boats and personal watercraft, RVs and motorhomes, trailers, motorcycles, SUVs, and more!

Simply select the charity of your choice below to learn more about the purpose of the plan is now to start your car donation! First, the process of donating a car, simply fill in our quick and easy vehicle donation form online or by phone with one of the members of our professional customer service staff.

What makes us different?
In only supports the use of a vehicle donated proceeds to make a person's life is the biggest difference between a non-profit organization, vehicle donation wizard, make sure every dollar raised to achieve its intended causes. Remember that although there are hundreds of thousands of organizations accepting car donations, there is no total dollar that between 75 and 80% of the revenue from each blood donation drive back to charities like us. Do not return 50% -70% of net income payments only believe the best car donation program organized fooled! Still looking for more information? Please visit our donation tips, frequently asked questions, or on our website, by phone or call (877)957-2277 to contact us if you have any questions about money for charity or returned.

Do not just make a donation; make a change.

We take all types of vehicles, running, not running, the classic, easy to use and scrapped vehicles, and even ended. Did you know that the car is the heaviest consumer recycled products? We work with national professional automobile recycling, we can responsibly recycle your vehicle a comprehensive network. Help your car to donate life end into reusable steel. For more information about recycling your car, visit our environment page.

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