7 Police Cars Most Luxurious In The World

7 Police Cars Most Luxurious In The World  - The police on duty to maintain order and security of a country. In doing so, the police are usually equipped with some equipment such as patrol cars. Not a new thing when a police car fitted with equipment to support them in carrying out the task .
But what happens when the police car is a luxury and unique. The following seven police patrol car the most expensive in the world :

7. Lamborghini Gallardo
Country: Italy
Price: US$ 250 Thousand

Lamborghini Gallardo Police car in Italy

To celebrate the birthday of Italian police force to 152 , two cars Lamborghini Gallardo government donated to the police . The car used for the Italian police patrol in special situations .

6. Ferrari FF
Country: Uni Emirat Arab
Price: US$ 300 Thousand

Ferrari FF Police Car in UEA

Dubai is famous for its luxury . Not only the magnificent buildings that adorn this country, Dubai police also equipped with luxury cars Ferrari FF for the purposes of patrols around the city.

5. Lamborghini Murcielago LP640
Country: English
Price : US$ 380 Thousand

Lamborghini Murcielagi LP640. Police Car in English

In performances MPH show in Birmingham, England , the London police patrol cars showed off their fancy. Although it is one luxury car, this car was only produced for the exhibition.

4. Lamborghini Aventador
Country: Uni Emirat Arab
Price: US$ 450 Thousand

Lamborghini Aventador- Police Car in UEA

One more luxury cars owned by United Arab Emirates police. Lamborghini Aventador manifold , police patrol car is a car with the highest speed reached 350 km/h.

3. Mercedes Benz Brabus Rocket CLS
Negara: German
Harga: US$ 475 Thousand

Mercedes Benz Brabus Rocket CLS- Police Car in German

This luxury police car was made for a German TV program titled Tune it Safe! The program aims to educate the German people about driving safety.

2. The Bugatti Veyron
Country: Uni Emirat Arab
Price: US$ 1,6 Million

The Bugatti Veyron Car police Uni Emirat Arab

In addition to the Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari FF , United Arab Emirates police also have another luxury car Bugatti Veyron manifold. Unmitigated, car prices have reached $ 1.6 million or equivalent to Rp 20.7 billion.

1. Aston Martin One-77
Country: Uni Emirat Arab
Price: US$ 2 Million

Aston Martin One-77 car police in Uni Emirat Arab

The most luxurious car police belong to the Dubai police . Type car Aston Martin One-77 not only have exorbitant prices, this type of car is also produced only limited. Aston Martin just produce this type of car a total of 77 pieces worldwide.
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